The Importance of Education

Education is a science that can be learned. In other words, education is closely related to knowledge. In this globalization era, education has an important role in improving the standard of living. In fact, a study in the United States claimed that the level of welfare in general is very dependent on the level of education.

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A person with higher education will have a good level of welfare, otherwise someone with little education will have a level of prosperity that are less good. Maybe that assumption is not entirely true, a lot of people out there who are less educated, but they have a high level of welfare.

Higher education is not a prerequisite for success. But, at least education can provide a guarantee for a person’s life. The tighter the competition was to make education an increasingly important role. Do not deny that the majority of highly educated people more intelligent in solving problems in the face it. Education can also indirectly affect a person’s thinking and behavior.

Education is like the provision in the future where more and more intense competition between each individual. Then, what about the notion that women do not have to get higher education? Such a supposition would still often we hear today.

“Women do not need to be educated, because in the end women will only work in the kitchen.” Is such assumptions correct? Yes, the duty of a woman is taking care of the household and of course being a good housewife, it has been the nature of life. Then, what is the reason that women do not need to be educated? Do useless when a highly educated woman?

Slightly more we know, times have begun to change. In the past, a man synonymous with the duties that make a living for the family, while a woman is obliged to take care and educate children, as well as being a homemaker. But nowadays women also can perform the duty of a man to make a living without neglecting his duty as a housewife.

Women must also have a right to education is high. Women are entitled to pursue his ideals. So, there is no presumption that higher education for women was in vain. Education for women could also be a provision in the future. Of course, we will never know what will happen tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, a year, or ten years from now. If an urgent situation occurs, women can replace the role of a man to support his family.

I’ve ever watched a television show hosted by a renowned motivator. When a spectator asked him, “What good is your wife’s college education until abroad, when in fact, now he is not a career?” Then the motivator replied, “My wife is a housewife, mother of my children, the woman I love, my advisor in building a business, asset owners and managers of family businesses as well as the custodians of family health. My wife’s education is very useful. “From this we can draw a conclusion that education is important for everyone, including women. Women are also entitled to a higher education.

In the modern era, as now, a lot of obstacles that must be faced in order to obtain higher education. One of the obstacles is the costs should be issued to get an education. Many people who wish to continue their education but they were forced to dampen the desire for lack of funds. Such a situation is certainly very slicing liver. Do not deny, the higher the education, the greater the cost to be issued. Is it only the affluent people who are entitled to receive higher education? This is so unfair is not it? Indeed, the government should provide help for those who can not afford and want to continue their education. It is very unfortunate when one is supposed to be the future generation have vanished ideals just because of lack of funds. Of course, certainly a lot of people in different countries experiencing similar things. They are forced to quit school because they do not have enough and will make them feel hopeless. Obviously this is very alarming.

Difficult situation is when you are in a position like that, but one thing we need to remember, “Where there’s a will there will be no hope. “We must be sure, nothing is impossible in this world. As long as we are strong willed and a maximum effort, it might happen. Once upon a time I read a national daily newspaper wrote about the story of a girl who gets a scholarship to one of the major universities outside the country. A very remarkable course.

The lucky girl was initially threatened not to continue their education to college bench because of lack of funds. But, with persistence and determination to get an education, he followed scholarship and as a result he received a scholarship and is entitled to it. It is certainly not easy to get what we want, in need willpower, prayer, and persistent effort. Like what is in katakana by Thomas Alva Edison, “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.

“The ability of the brain that 1 percent, 99 percent is hard work and efforts. Maybe some people think, “I’m not as clever as he could get a scholarship. “But in fact, everyone can to get what they want when they want to work hard and never be afraid of failure. Cost can not we make an excuse to achieve their goals. Suppose that obstacle as a challenge that must go through so we always try to achieve everything.