How to Resize Images and Save Some Space on Your Hard Drive



Many people like to transfer the photos taken with their digital cameras to their computers’ hard drives. Photos transferred directly onto the computer hard drives from the digital camera are usually large size because of the high resolutions. Most people don’t need the photos to be so big and have such a high resolution as the original photos in the digital camera folder. Keeping large photos can quickly take up all the spaces on the computers.

When a large amount of hard disk spaced is used up, you will find that your computer is operating slowly. It is very important that your computer runs fast if you use it to do your work or college assignment. You don’t want to delay handing in your work assignment because of the lagging issues you face with your computer. The solution is to resize the photos to a smaller size. You will be surprised at how much spaces you can save by resizing the photos to a smaller size.

Movavi Photo Batch allows you to batch resize images without any effort. You can load one or more folders of images to resize them to the same size. It is also possible to load images individually from different folders into the software. To load a folder of images, you must click the plus Folder button and select the folder that you want to add. All the images will appear in the load area after you have opened the folder.

You are to go to the Resize tab and enter the new height and width for the images. If you have no idea what size to resize the photos, you can do some research on the web to come up with the correct resolutions in pixels for the photo resizing. You must not forget to configure how your resized images will be saved. There are several options for you to configure how the software will save the resized photos.

You can set the software to overwrite the original photos. Overwriting the original photos with the resized photos is the best options if you are not interested in keeping the original photos. It saves you time from having to delete the original photos from your computer.

You also have the option to set the software to save the photos in a different folder. As a rule of thumb, you should always backup the original photos on an external drive. Mistakes could happen, for example, you entered the wrong resolution which results in the photos being resized to the incorrect size.

Movavi Photo Batch is highly efficient in resizing large batches of photos. Within a few minutes, your photos will be resized to the specified resolution and saved in the destination folder. You can watch the progress of the photo resizing process until it finish resizing all the images. Once the resizing process is complete, the folder will automatically open itself. You should click through all the images to see if they are resized to the specific size you want.