3 Year Old Toys – Learning With Fun

The age of three is a vital period in a youngster’s growth process. It is during this time that a toddler starts going to school and getting ready to face the world. This is the time to do some serious learning through educational toys and games. Hence, the toys and games given to the child at this stage should also be different from that in the previous years.

Children spend a lot of time each day with toys. As such, toys play a vital role in his/her physical and emotional development. Here we provide you with a list of toys and games that are suitable for a toddler of around three-year age. Have a look.

  1. Building blocks – A toddler of age three can spend hours playing with blocks, building bridges, houses, small machinery, and what not! Besides, small parts are no longer that much of a concern, as long as the toddler initially plays under adult supervision. These block sets can improve motor function, cognitive development, and promote learning about the real world. This is because the child will invariably relate things he/she has created with those he/she sees outside home.
  2. Toy cars – These remain a favorite among kids, because they can relate between the cars they play with and the ones they see on the road. If the toy car is accompanied by a remote control set, even better. The child will learn that by pressing a switch or pulling a joystick to the left or right, he/she can make the car go that way. They will also relate this with the cars they ride. This greatly improves the toddler’s hand-eye co-ordination and motor functions. This is a great gift for a kid of around three-year age.
  3. Board games – Board games are best introduced at this stage. The child can be encouraged to spell out the words he/she learned at school using a scrabble set. This greatly enhances the learning process and also provides the child with hours of entertainment. However, the child will need someone to play with; preferably one of his/her parents.
  4. Soft toy and book sets – These are story books with soft toys bundled with them. The soft toys look like the characters in the story and help the child relate with them. This is great for firing up the toddler’s imagination and providing him/her with hours of entertainment. The best results are obtained if someone reads out the story to the child, preferably at bedtime. The child might even dream about the story and the characters!

These toys and games are ideal for a toddler of three-year age. Gift one today and watch his/her little face light up with happiness.