3 Memory Techniques For Students

High School Student Studying in Library

Can you boast of your flawless memory? Assuming the fact, that an average USA student is required to perform outstanding academic results, this article will be extremely useful! We are going to provide you with effective memory techniques that really work! They will help you to achieve academic success in no time!

While some students still buy college essays online, others train their memory to produce quality essays independently! How? Get it from our tips!

We have turned to the Nelson – a 28-year-old software developer – and his experience. When his mother was hit by Alzheimer’s disease and started losing a memory, Nelson became searching for effective memory techniques to help her. That’s why we can rely on his advice that is based on real experience.


The most powerful type of memorization, which is considered to be ineffective by lots of students, is visualization. In fact, it can work miracles if you learn how to use it right. Nelson describes two steps of the memorization process:

  • Firstly, a student is supposed to find the real analogs to the abstract things, which can’t be easily remembered. It’s called visualization.
  • Try to keep the images in your memory as anchors close to the objects of the visualization.

Let us provide you with a powerful example. This tip is especially useful for those, who can’t cope with memorization of the names. If the name of your teacher of History is Nelson, you can associate him with Nelson Mandela (it refers to the step 1). Then highlight the specific feature of the person (let it be a big or snub nose) and anchor it with the image of Nelson Mandela and vice versa – if you need to remember the name of Nelson Mandela, associate it with your red hair friend Nelson and word “mandate”.

Breaking a word into syllables works well too. If you can memorize the surname Griezmann, memorize it as a Greece man.

Dominic System

Dominic O’Brien – a British mnemonist and an author of memory related books – developed a Dominic System of the memorization of the numbers. The conception is easy – a student, who needs to memorize numbers, should turn them into letters. For instance, if you need to remember 00, you can use OzzyOsbourne or OO as o is similar to O. This example is basic and, in fact, you can use this technology as it’s convenient to you. For instance, if you need to memorize 1938, you can use Only Nolly Throws Eggs, which contains first letters that are similar to the first letters of the numbers. The key moment of this system lies in finding the letter analogs to the numbers.

Comfort Zone

The other technique lies in memorization things and connecting them with your comfort zone – the most typical one is your home. Try to train your memory by the memorization of the long lists for a grocery shop. Imagine that a bottle of milk stands near your door, when you enter your house, there is a steak on the commode, and then as you follow the usual path gather the other items from your list. No matter how it seems on the surface, it really works as everything is easier in your comfort zone.

The key point of all techniques is picking up as many images, visual analogs, senses as possible. The more you connect the objects of memorization with your usual every day or special things, the easier you will remember long numbers and unusual names. After a month of using these techniques, you will definitely see the results.