How to Place Words on a Photo or Diagram


Have you ever encountered those great-looking motivational posters that have a photo accompanied by an inspiring caption? Whether you want to create one of those or even just add text to a diagram that you’ve designed – it helps to be able to place words onto images.

While most photo editors are certainly capable of adding text to photos, few are able to create truly amazing-looking captions like Movavi Photo Editor. Not only will it allow you to fully customize the appearance of the words that you add, but it also will make it all so easy.

To add caption to photo and then customize its appearance, all you need to do is:

  1. Click ‘Browse for Images’ and select the photo or diagram that you want to use.
  2. Open up the ‘Text’ panel and click ‘Add Text’.
  3. Type the words that you want to add into the white frame that appears on the photo.
  4. Use the toolbar to edit the appearance of the words by adjusting the font style, size, color and justification. Also be sure to adjust the transparency, border and border weight if you want to.
  5. When you’re satisfied, click ‘Export’ to save your photo.

As you can see, adding words and customizing its appearance is something that can be done in just a few minutes using Movavi Photo Editor. If you want to create a great-looking motivational poster or detailed diagram however, you may want to also use the other features of Movavi Photo Editor.

With these features you’ll have numerous other options, such as improving the photo quality, correcting common issues, erasing unwanted elements, replacing the entire background, and transforming the frame and orientation of the photo. In fact you could even alter the style of the photo with the numerous filters that are available.

All said and done, Movavi Photo Editor will let you quickly and easily add words to your photos and control how they appear. The fact that it can also do much more than that will definitely prove useful, and may even help you to perfect your photo to create the look that you desire.